Are you looking for counselling in Bath?

Are you looking for individual or couples counselling in Bath?

If you’re going through a difficult time or need someone to talk to I offer psychotherapy and counselling in Bath.

From time to time our lives can be difficult, painful or challenging. When we are uncertain how to deal with our problems we can find comfort, insight and resolution by talking to someone who is trained to really understand and help us.

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Firstlight Counselling and Psychotherapy is my private practice based in the centre of Bath. I offer individual and couples counselling and psychotherapy in a safe, secure and confidential environment.

Why I can help


My approach gives you the time and space to talk about whatever is important to you without interrupting, directing or judging what you are saying. I offer companionship, warmth and understanding so that you can explore your feelings and make sense of whatever is happening to you. I have particular experience in helping people with:

anxiety, depression, low self confidence, addiction and bereavement

So, if you are looking for someone to help you through difficult times, or want someone to talk to, why not give me a call?